Camp Luedecke is an exciting place to be today. We did something to be proud of. It’s been a dream for some time to make an album with such beautiful and seasoned musicians. Tim O’Brien was inspiringly brilliant and sensitive to this batch of songs that I think are my best yet. I think I sang and played them well too. Nashville was just an awesome place to be. Teresa did a beautiful cover for it and the package is lovely. There will be vinyl in a couple weeks but for now, we unveil the CD and the digital parts. You can pick up the album around town or on the wild wild web. So please poke around the new website and look and listen. There’s even a new video of me playing one of my favourites from the album, I’m Fine (I Am I Am) on the beach at home in Chester, NS.

My team have me coming and going to some great places through the fall with Joel E. Hunt picking alongside of me.

Home is Awesome, the road is great and long, Tender is the Night. See you there.

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