Tortoise and The Hare

I didn’t like the rat race
I ran away from there
Thought I was the tortoise
Turns out I’m the hate
I ran a rabbit race, came in last place
Ran a bear chase too
All of my running has worn me right through

Got a monkey on my back and a heart attack waiting on the finish line
I tan from competition, can’t blame a guy for trying

I tried to break free but silly me
The track goes round and round
Then like a mole I found a hole and sought the underground
I root the mountain down
But pound for pound it ended up on me
Like a prisoner bound what I’ve found is I’m digging to be free


Can’t blame a guy for trying
I think I could be free
I think that I’d go flying
If you would say to me
That you would walk with me

I’m a rabbit in a log hiding from the dog,s thinking about my soul
You came in and with a grin said we’re staying in the hole
I love you well and know you’re true how long will we stay?
“til we rabbits outnumber them, then we’ll have our day”