This May Hurt at Bit

I’m just wondering if you noticed that I’d been gone a long time
Just wondering if you noticed hat I come back today
Think I finally found something that I can really hold on to
I might suffer when I’m near you but I can’t bear being away.

We started something that burned a lot hotter than a brushfire
You tried to throw the brake but the train had run away
Got lost in the woods without a trail of breadcrumbs
We tried just friends but our hands got in the way

This may hurt a bit but this is love it’s it, it’s the coming of the light breaking through he night it’s love

So I spent a season out there in the wilderness just to try and cool down and try and understand
How something so right could hurt and burn like fever
That I’m lost without you and I yield to your demands


Saw a red moon rising up the first base line at the ball park and a foul ball became a grand slam
A man and a woman we are two planets aligning. I’ll be happy when I wear your wedding band