At evening time, the sky’s the colour of her eyes
And I am lost in lies
She’s more than just a friend, she comes crawling back again
And in her eyes I live and die
When I drink it never ends but the tension bends and bends
A dance some cruel fate sends

We live in, webs our hearts spin and that our minds untie
And the wind blows in, things that haven’t been
You are lost to me again

With my whiskey boiled eyes, I dream of your soft thighs
And how through Quebec we did ride
It’s not all my fault these dangerous somersaults
Your boyfriend is mean but he cries

And I probably did lie, when my soul ran to hide
When you gave me all and then denied
Could you even stay, if he wasn’t in our way?
Our hearts cash cheques our minds would save
I love the silver on your hands and the way you wreck my plans and think that I’m your sugarman