Spoons at Kate’s

I’m here watching ceiling fans turn in spoons at Kate’s
There’s half a foot of mud outside but that’s not why you’re late
Last night before we went to bed under a moon of self hate
You sang and wailed your lies, your self-annihilating cries
I saw green curtains on your eyes and took your fear of fate

Bought and bit into your fear like devils in my bread
Devils in my love for you, devils in my bed
Oh the twisted truth of things how the heart can sink like lead
I made a sadder thing of sad and our love just bled and bled

Tried to be a safer place a tree that you’d climb
An electric blanket, a cup of tea a glint in a dark mine
But as you slipped down that slope I knew that I was just frayed rope
With my own fears I barely cope, we were at the mercy of time

But it was just an hour or two of black in the torn open heart of night
We picked and ripped over the scraps till darkness brought back light
So if you need to sleep my love as the rain falls gently down
I’ll just sit and pray as the ceiling fans go round.