Song for Ian Tyson

Them old cowboys don’t sing too much no more
They’ve been singing to the wind
And their throats are sore
And every love they walked away from makes them walk the floor
Them old cowboys don’t sing too much no more

Like an old wolf in a leg trap
They’ll stand up fierce when you come
They want to be counted but their time hasn’t come
Just an old man drowning in a ten gallon hat
Like an old wolf caught in a leg trap

Dry and dusty dry and dusty whiskey makes the guitar rusty bit soothes the voice like honey for a while
Raise a glass to the cowboy friend who’s like we’ll ever see again who’s songs run on like water for all time

Way out on the prairie the cowboy wrote his songs
Long have grown the grasses round the spring where he sat long
Who’s crystal shattered fettered souls of all who listened long and the cowboy strummed in time along