One Time in Rome

One time in Rome, was far from home
When I spied the gypsy gal on the road
We were on the same road
I wasn’t paying much mind, just watching her skirts and stepping in time

But her soft proud step, got me thinking yet
Started dreaming of the pretty girls I know
But they’re all at home
In her raven black hair, a boy could whisper all his cares

She slowed and close, turned and offered a rose
And those black, black eyes tore open my soul
Was in a warm dark hole
Now I’m not a fan of flowers, but I tell you friends I’m completely in her power

I stood there stunned, had to jump or run
Then she smiled a little smile to say she knowed
We were on the same road
And she stuck out her tongue, as she laughed when my wallet come undone

As she skipped away, heard her jewelry play
But when she glanced back over her bare shoulder
I became a bit older
Oh those black, black eyes belong to a girl who’ll never be mine