Joy of Cooking

In uncertain hours our forebears looked
To the more certain power of the Holy Good Book
They opened up a verse then they read out the Word
There was the voice of God and the answer that they heard

As for me I’ve a less oracular bent
Spend most of my time
Wondering where my time was spent
But in particular desperation on a Sunday afternoon
When all I held as good in life was in some random swoon

I opened up a book, on the shelf near my Bible
Opened up a book for culinary survival
I took a look in The Joy of Cookin’
Joy of Cookin’ oh! Why? Oh!
If I’m not mistaken, the answer’s bacon
Answer’s bacon oh! Why? Oh!

So I went and got my frying pan and cooked about a pound
Me and my little wife and children sat us down
Grace was spoken in that bacon scent profound
All I had and lost was found