I’m Fine (I Am, I Am)

I have fallen down among the wonder that has found me now surrounds me
Wandered off a little way
Over my shoulder there’s a party pounding sounding cross the magic of the open water
Like the moon spread on the bay
I fell among the roses that were closest to my nose
The sand is cool upon my head the moon upon my toes
My sandy hair and back there’s been a crack upon my stony heart
Breathing in the night’s swirling light shooting starry darts
I am fine I am I am I am ok I am I am

I’ll sing the triumph of tequila sunsets golden memories, the way that eyes in firelight play
I know that no exuberance ever goes a day unpunished, I’ll trade tomorrow for today
When I took a break to take a break on a thousand running waves
Ponder on her dress in its perfect disarray
My sandy hair and back…chorus

Nothing lasts forever every perfect moment passes
At the party they are filling up the old shot glasses
I’m remembering all my foolish longing passes so I’ll stay right here and dream away away away etc
My sandy hair and back…. Chorus