A&W Song

Sitting in the back of a cab in the drive through
Pushing on the buttons but he debit don’t go through
Why can’t I have a little a&w?
Oh my god I’m coming undone

I can smell the food but it ain’t mine
I enter in the pin but the card’s declined
Up on the front the meter’s flying
Oh my god I’ve come undone

I was in a bar downtown trying to get my head right, trying to get my head right
I am going home wishing you a good night, wishing you a goodnight

Me and the cabby we were friends
Til we came to the drive through but here it ends
Unless the Scotiabank makes amends
Oh my god I’m hungry too

Just a teen burger and a sack of fries
But I can’t take their staring eyes
Maybe on the seventh try
Oh my god I’ve come undone